In the long gentle bay on the north-western part of the island, protected from the southerly and northerly winds, here is located the most beautiful place on island Pag 'Stara Novalja'. Here is the story about small touristic place Stara Novalja.

Everything here is related to the sand, rocks and sea. Sheep looking for a hidden blade of grass, the oldest olives in the world, figs and grapes squeezed between rocky hills and people. And that's how it was back to the distant past witnessed by numerous remains of historical monuments and archaeological sites.

Remains of beautiful Byzantine fortress "Svetojanja" from VI. century which was guarding the strait of Stara Novalja from pirates. A church of the Holy Cross and Holy Mary, that is washed with sea waves, was guarded by the fishermen and the bells calling them to return to the quiet shelter of its bay. If you like diving, you can go out and see the ancient sights of one of the most beautiful archaeological sites on the Adriatic coast with more than a hundred perfectly preserved amphorae from the first century. B. Christ. In the nearby city 'Novalja' you will find a Roman aqueduct that are long more than one kilometer.

Along the Laguna there are many family apartments and lodging houses with small sandy beaches. At the beginning of the Laguna there is beautiful main sand beach "Trincel" on whose central mast proudly flies the European Blue Flag, guarantee quality and clear sea and ecologically preserved environment and cleanliness. If you like active holidays, in Stara Novalja, in addition to ideal natural conditions for sports and recreation, we have prepared and decorated cycling tracks, beaches with amenities for recreation, beach volleyball, diving center with diving school, riding school. Tennis courts, football and basketball can be found in several kilometers away Novalja. The gastronomic offer in the restaurants will satisfy even the greatest gourmets. You will enjoy the famous cheese 'Paski cheese' and lamb as well as in selected fish dishes and seafood, all with mild flavors of traditional Mediterranean cuisine. Forgetfulness feelings about complete walk near sea around the place and magic starry night, and the relaxing daily music of crickets. Summer nights are filled with many entertainment and cultural events in Novalja. With numerous concerts of popular and classical music, folk songs, imaginative full-evening entertainment and theatrical performances, here is the famous beach "Zrce" with its day and night programs will attract young people and all those who feel young.